Southwark Leaders Debate 2014

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The Southwark Leaders Debate took place this Friday and was attended by the invited 4 political parties that represent the local constituents – Labour Party, Liberal Democratic Party, All Peoples Party and The Trade Union & Socialist Coalition.

It was organised by People Empowering People, with the main aim to give local residents and community groups the opportunity to ask the political party representatives about their manifesto’s and promises.


You’ll hear time and time again that residents’ main grievances about the political system is that politicians are not listening to the needs of the local residents they are suppose serve.

So this was a chance for the invited speakers to listen to residents and maybe win some much needed votes in the process.

The Debate was held at the Everlasting Arms Ministries on Old Kent Road. APP and was the biggest and first community political hustings held in the borough –  we had a great turnout – attended by well over 60 people

Each party spoke about their manifesto for the borough and took questions from the community over local issues that effected them and the wider community.

This event was also organised with the help of local volunteers and The Everlasting Arms Ministry.


The key speakers were: –

Peter John Leader Southwark Council and Leader Southwark Labour Party

Anood Al Samerai  Leader of the Southwark Liberal Democratic Party

Prem Goyal Leader Of Southwark’s All Peoples Party

April Representative The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition


Representing the young party members were:-

Johnson Situ

Donald Cole

need to find the name


Presented by Michael Smith Southwark Group of Tenant Organisations SGTO